Things to consider when planning your Retirement

Globally, more and more people are facing significant pension shortfalls.

When you retire, it will not be how much you have earned during your working life that will be important, but how much you have saved. Government Pensions can no longer withstand the strain of the increasingly growing retired population putting the schemes under pressure.

It is becoming our individual responsibility to ensure that our retirement “pots” will last as long as we do.

When planning how much income we will require in our old age there are a few things to consider.

Here are a few:


Living Longerretiremelt7

Advances in medical care and general wellbeing will mean that you can expect to enjoy a long and active retirement. Recent surveys have shown that if you reach 65 there is a strong likelihood that you will live well into your eighties or nineties.




retirement8Enjoying the good things in life

You may be fortunate enough to be enjoying a good life, and there’s no reason why this should not continue well into your old age. You may have more time to travel and you may even decide to buy a second home to enjoy the winter months in the sun. To enjoy a long, active and sunny retirement you need careful planning – the sooner you can start, the better.



A longer retirement costs more
A longer, more fulfilling and more active retirement means a more expensive retirement, which is why you have to think differently from your parents when it comes to funding this all-important time of your life.


retirement10Healthcare costs

While you might be enjoying the best of health now, you cannot rely on staying fit throughout the rest of your life. Let’s hope it is not required, but you may need to set aside money to pay for hospital bills, nursing fees or retirement homes.




Please see our downloadable retirement report “When should I begin saving for my retirement?” document which you can download below.

It illustrates the financial benefits and reasoning behind beginning your retirement planning and saving early:


Retirement download



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