Tax Planning and Trust

Sheltering your investments from exposure to future tax liability

Not having access to good quality tax planning advice can often erode the benefits of sound investment. Sheltering your investments from exposure to future tax liability,
where possible, is a cornerstone of quality financial planning

Gladstone Morgan works closely with clients to build an accurate understanding of their present and future needs in order to provide advice to maximize investment
return in your future tax jurisdiction.

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To Assist with Tax Planning

Transferring an asset into trust will change the legal ownershipof that asset. This invariably changes the taxation of the asset, which creates a number of important tax-planning opportunities for the adviser to consider.

To Avoid Probate Delays

If a policy is not written under trust, the value of the policy will form part of the policyholder’s estate on death. This means the proceeds will not be available until the Will has been verified and a Grant of Probate issued. If there is no will, the rules of intestacy apply and delays may be experienced in distributing the proceeds of the policy while letters of administration are obtained.

To Make Gifts and Preserve Wealth for Future Generations

A trust can be used to preserve wealth for future generations. By placing assets in trust, the creator of the trust (the settler) can provide a degree of financial security for the immediate family and beyond.

Which Trust

The choice of trust will depend on the individual’s financial and family circumstances.

What Is Trust?

The Transfer of a legal ownership of property by the Settler to be held by the trustees for the benefit of the beneficiaries.