Regular Savings

Saving for the future is essential for everybody

Probably the most effective way of building up capital is by saving money on a regular basis.

Saving for the future is essential for everybody and whether it is saving for a deposit on a house or investing in your children’s
future, there are plans bespoke to each individual.

There are many key factors when creating a Regular Savings Plan that are specific to the individual’s requirements.
We look towards products that offer flexibility in a world where we never know what tomorrow may bring.

There are many schemes available, administered from recognized offshore financial centres with a well-developed
regulatory system and favorable tax environment. Our consultants will advise on the design and structure of these schemes and will illustrate those that are
most suitable for each client’s personal financial requirement.

One advantage of using a Regular Savings vehicle is that investors are not reliant upon market timing, but what is referred to as of “Dollar-Cost-Averaging”.

“Dollar-Cost-Averaging” does not involve trying to time the market but you invest a set amount on a regular basis over time and in various market conditions.

Another factor of Regular Savings vehicles is the ability to compound interest and when you take into account monthly
compounded interest, this is an excellent add-on to the overall interest and growth potential.

Tax Planning and Trust

Sheltering your investments from exposure to future tax liability

Not having access to good quality tax planning advice can often erode the benefits of sound investment. Sheltering your investments from exposure to future tax liability,
where possible, is a cornerstone of quality financial planning

Gladstone Morgan works closely with clients to build an accurate understanding of their present and future needs in order to provide advice to maximize investment
return in your future tax jurisdiction.

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To Assist with Tax Planning

Transferring an asset into trust will change the legal ownershipof that asset. This invariably changes the taxation of the asset, which creates a number of important tax-planning opportunities for the adviser to consider.

To Avoid Probate Delays

If a policy is not written under trust, the value of the policy will form part of the policyholder’s estate on death. This means the proceeds will not be available until the Will has been verified and a Grant of Probate issued. If there is no will, the rules of intestacy apply and delays may be experienced in distributing the proceeds of the policy while letters of administration are obtained.

To Make Gifts and Preserve Wealth for Future Generations

A trust can be used to preserve wealth for future generations. By placing assets in trust, the creator of the trust (the settler) can provide a degree of financial security for the immediate family and beyond.

Which Trust

The choice of trust will depend on the individual’s financial and family circumstances.

What Is Trust?

The Transfer of a legal ownership of property by the Settler to be held by the trustees for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Property and Mortgage

For a loving home or investment portfolios, we can help


Gladstone Morgan’s experience in this sector of financial planning has shown that the mortgage market is wide and complex, particularly when viewed internationally. The most efficient solution will vary from client to client and will be dictated by considerations such as location of property, interest rates, currency of income and tax efficiency.

Gladstone Morgan has developed a database of Mortgage Lenders who are able to provide competitive and flexible loan facilities, selected and tailored to individual requirements.

Additionally, as a result of our well-established working relationship with a number of prime lenders, we offer expert advice and guidance on not only the handling of mortgages, but also the arrangement of mortgages using a variety of currencies.

Gladstone Morgan will be able to consider all your needs and expectations and therefore assist you before making this important financial commitment.


Gladstone Morgan views Property as a fundamental part of a client’s investment portfolio. Property in prime locations offers excellent potential return over the long term. The potential for both capital appreciation as well as good rental return are the key reasons for considering it as a good investment.

We are able to offer properties in a number of countries around the world. Whether you are buying property for investment as a holiday home or as main residence you should consider the ramifications of currency risk and liquidity in relation to other assets. Property should be viewed as a fairly illiquid asset.

Retirement Planning

Save for the time when you can actually do what you want, whenever you want

People are living longer. Most people recognize the fact that they must ensure that there is sufficient capital to fund retirement, yet amazingly people still delay retirement planning. This is largely due to the fact that many are under the illusion they have plenty of time to do something about it.

However, did you know that even the majority of the expatriate working population is in danger of having a significant pension shortfall?

It is your responsibility to ensure your “retirement pot” will last as long as you do. However our experience shows that investors frequently;

  • Over-estimate how long their pension fund will last.
  • Under-estimate how long they will live.
  • Withdraw too much of their funds too quickly.
  • Don’t allow for inflation which erodes the spending income.


When you retire, it will not be how much you have earned during your working lifetime that will be important, but how much you have saved.

For international investors the goal of financial independence can be reached sooner rather than later. The nature of international employment means that an individual’s pension arrangements must be comprehensive, yet portable and flexible. This cannot be achieved without forethought and planning.

The importance of retirement provision cannot be over emphasized. Gladstone Morgan regards sound and appropriate pension provision as a fundamental component of financial planning and will work with clients to achieve ‘financial independence’.

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Property & Mortgages

Alternative Investment

Broaden your investment horizons

Gladstone Morgan has found that our International clients are becoming more discerning
and are looking to broaden their investment horizons. As a consequence, more of our clients are considering alternative investments.

At Gladstone Morgan we feel that an alternative investment is for the more professional investor. The term is a relatively loose one and includes tangible assets such as Art, Wine, Antiques, Coins or Stamps and some financial assets such as commodities, private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, film production and financial derivatives.

Gladstone Morgan does not market promote these items directly, however, through our network of contacts we work with a range of companies, each one a leading specialist in their field.

Alternative investments are sometimes used as a tool to reduce overall investment risk through diversification. Some of the characteristics of alternative investment may include:

  • Low correlation with traditional financial investments such as stocks and shares.
  • Alternative investments may be relatively illiquid.
  • It may be difficult to determine the current market value of the asset.
  • There may be limited historical risk and return data.
  • A high degree of investment analysis may be required before buying.
  • Cost of purchase and sale may be relatively high.


Not available to Hong Kong Investors
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Alternative Investment

Education Fee Planning

Preparing the next generation for a promising future

Gladstone Morgan understands that providing your children with a first class education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give them.

However, as the cost of private and further education continues to increase far above the general levels of inflation, effective planning is essential.

Gladstone Morgan can help select the program most suited to individual needs.

You can never start planning too early when it comes to making provision for future education costs which will inevitably arise. The cost of good education is a major expense.

Similarly, your future net disposable income could be significantly diminished by a heavy school fee commitment and you may have to compromise your own financial goals or lifestyle.

Parents should do something towards meeting this impending cost. The longer we put off such decisions the more expensive the solution becomes.
The cost of school fees are rising at alarming rates way above inflation.
Gladstone Morgan advisers can meet you and help parents to realize the extent of outlay needed to cover University or College fees.
If you would like an example of this, we have provided an Online Education Fee calculator that will enable you to see just how much it would cost you for just one (or more) of your children to go to University.

Critical Illness and Life Assurance Planning

How will your family cope after your death or a serious illness?

There is a very good, practical reason for thinking about what can happen after your death. How will your family manage? Will they be able to keep up their current standard of living?
Will they be able to cope with all the routine daily expenses?

Death and serious illness may be something that most of us prefer not to think about, but everyone needs financial protection. So if the unthinkable happens, those who depend on you are provided for.

We all hope that it will never happen to us however there are a wide range of benefits which can provide funds in case of illness, accident or death.
Gladstone Morgan can search for the most appropriate life insurance and critical illness cover to help ease the financial burden associated with the untimely death or loss of a loved one to serious illness.

We work with a wide range of insurance companies offering all types of life insurance
including term life, whole of life and investment-linked products.
Our expertise means you can concentrate on the important things in life.


Investment Lump Sum

Gladstone Morgan has found that private clients, particularly those with substantial capital sums to invest, are demanding greater investment choice and diversity than ever before. Ever wary that the effect of inflation is having a major effect on the long term value of that capital, such investors are seeking asset backed investments away from traditional products offered by Banks.

For the investor with a more moderate capital sum, the offshore insurers offer a simplified offshore bond, known as a ‘baby bond’, a product offering investment in a select range of underlying unit trust/mutual funds.

For the more sophisticated investor the offshore insurers offer the personalized portfolio bond recognized for the breadth of investment choice. Indeed, when considering the general options available for investors (including unit trusts, OEICs, investment trusts and stocks and shares) the offshore bond route offers an excellent way to tailor an investment strategy precisely to the needs of individual clients.

Either way, offshore bonds offer a route to genuine tax deferral and are generally recognized as excellent vehicles for estate tax planning. In summary, the flexibility and choice of an offshore bond, when coupled with its financial planning versatility and administrative simplicity, offers huge advantages for tax planning strategies.

The world of offshore investments can be a tricky one, but Gladstone Morgan’s advisors have many years of experience in providing expert advice on tailoring investment choices to meet individual clients’ financial goals. We offer a full range of investment products and are able to support you, whether you are looking to make your own investment decisions with our support or you prefer to delegate the management of your portfolio to us.

Not available to Hong Kong Investors
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Investment Lump Sum


Have your assets distributed to those you wish, not according to law


Making a Will is important.

More than 60% of UK population don’t have a Will, this figure is similar for Canada and Europe.

This means 4 out of 10 people have a Will, but 10 out of 10 people will pass away.

It’s easy to put off making a will. But if you die without one, your assets may be distributed according to the law rather than your wishes.

This could mean that your partner receives less, or that the money goes to family members who may not need it.


There are lots of good financial reasons for making a will


QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme)

The Finance act of 2004 made it possible with effect from April 2006, for UK pensions to be transferred to any overseas pension scheme. The scheme has to be registered with HMRC as a QROPS.

Qrops are overseas pension schemes which satisfy rules and regulations laid down by the UK Legislation. Prior to 2006 it was generally only possible for a person to transfer his or her UK pension to an overseas pension Scheme located in the person’s new country of residence. This restriction was removed as a consequence of the change in UK pension’s legislation in 2006. This not only enables an individual to freely transfer a UK pension overseas, it also gives choice over where to transfer a UK Pension

When considering whether it is appropriate for a client to transfer their UK pension arrangement to a QROPS, it is essential that the current UK options and restrictions are understood.

Amongst the main reason for advisers recommending QROPS to a client is the removal of currency risk, greater lump sum possibilities and the Inheritance Tax benefits.

As a number of UK pension transfers to overseas pension solutions continue to rise, it is imperative Advisers keep a close eye on the UK pension changes.

Gladstone Morgan offers you a complete service for transferring your UK pension to a Qualified Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) our advisers will answer any questions you have explain the steps to be taken and complete all the paperwork. You can be sure that you will receive clear, simple and straight forward fact based on the official guidance by HMRC

You can choose a scheme that is less restrictive than UK pensions in the way in which it treats withdrawals, investments and you can receive your pension benefits in a low tax environment.

Estate Planning

For British-Expatriates Inheritance Tax.

Estate Planning which is key to ensuring your beneficiaries have access to assets with no delay

Gladstone Morgan professionals can assist in careful Estate Planning which is key to ensuring your beneficiaries avoid probate and have access to assets with little or no delay. Inheritance tax (IHT) is payable on your estate when you die and also on certain gifts made up to seven years before your death. UK Inheritance is charged at 40% above the Nil Rate Band. Your estate is comprised of all your world-wide assets such as your home, its contents, cars, savings, shares, other investments, jewelry and similar precious items. As you grow older It is likely that your estate will increase further in value as your income rises, you accumulate more assets, and possibly benefit as a beneficiary of a will.
IHT is not confined to the rich and many will develop an IHT liability. It is affecting an increasing number of people and many find their estates now exceed the Nil rate band - GBP 325,000 in 2011-2012, as such people will not have sufficiently planned for IHT and its consequences. Gladstone Morgan considers provision for IHT liability a vital part of any expatriates financial planningand many people want to ensure that the largest beneficiary of their estate is not the tax man.
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