Regular Savings

Saving for the future is essential for everybody

Probably the most effective way of building up capital is by saving money on a regular basis.

Saving for the future is essential for everybody and whether it is saving for a deposit on a house or investing in your children’s
future, there are plans bespoke to each individual.

1There are many key factors when creating a Regular Savings Plan that are specific to the individual’s requirements.
We look towards products that offer flexibility in a world where we never know what tomorrow may bring.

There are many schemes available, administered from recognized offshore financial centres with a well-developed
regulatory system and favorable tax environment. Our consultants will advise on the design and structure of these schemes and will illustrate those that are
most suitable for each client’s personal financial requirement.

One advantage of using a Regular Savings vehicle is that investors are not reliant upon market timing, but what is referred to as of “Dollar-Cost-Averaging”.

“Dollar-Cost-Averaging” does not involve trying to time the market but you invest a set amount on a regular basis over time and in various market conditions.

Another factor of Regular Savings vehicles is the ability to compound interest and when you take into account monthly
compounded interest, this is an excellent add-on to the overall interest and growth potential.