Estate Planning

For British-Expatriates Inheritance Tax.

Estate Planning which is key to ensuring your beneficiaries have access to assets with no delay

Gladstone Morgan professionals can assist in careful Estate Planning which is key to ensuring your beneficiaries avoid probate and have access to assets with little or no delay.

Inheritance tax (IHT) is payable on your estate when you die and also on certain gifts made up to seven years before your death.

UK Inheritance is charged at 40% above the Nil Rate Band. Your estate is comprised of all your world-wide assets such as your home, its contents, cars, savings, shares, other investments, jewelry and similar precious items.

As you grow older It is likely that your estate will increase further in value as your
income rises, you accumulate more assets, and possibly benefit as a beneficiary of a will.

IHT is not confined to the rich and many will develop an IHT liability. It is affecting an increasing number of people and many find their estates now exceed the Nil rate band – GBP 325,000 in 2011-2012, as such people will not have sufficiently planned for IHT and its consequences.

Gladstone Morgan considers provision for IHT liability a vital part of any expatriates financial planningand many people want to ensure that the largest beneficiary of their estate is not the tax man.

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