Investment Lump Sum

Gladstone Morgan has found that private clients, particularly those with substantial capital sums to invest, are demanding greater investment choice and diversity than ever before. Ever wary that the effect of inflation is having a major effect on the long term value of that capital, such investors are seeking asset backed investments away from traditional products offered by Banks.

For the investor with a more moderate capital sum, the offshore insurers offer a simplified offshore bond, known as a ‘baby bond’, a product offering investment in a select range of underlying unit trust/mutual funds.

For the more sophisticated investor the offshore insurers offer the personalized portfolio bond recognized for the breadth of investment choice. Indeed, when considering the general options available for investors (including unit trusts, OEICs, investment trusts and stocks and shares) the offshore bond route offers an excellent way to tailor an investment strategy precisely to the needs of individual clients.

Either way, offshore bonds offer a route to genuine tax deferral and are generally recognized as excellent vehicles for estate tax planning. In summary, the flexibility and choice of an offshore bond, when coupled with its financial planning versatility and administrative simplicity, offers huge advantages for tax planning strategies.

The world of offshore investments can be a tricky one, but Gladstone Morgan’s advisors have many years of experience in providing expert advice on tailoring investment choices to meet individual clients’ financial goals. We offer a full range of investment products and are able to support you, whether you are looking to make your own investment decisions with our support or you prefer to delegate the management of your portfolio to us.

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Investment Lump Sum