Education Fee Planning

Preparing the next generation for a promising future

Gladstone Morgan understands that providing your children with a first class education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give them.

However, as the cost of private and further education continues to increase far above the general levels of inflation, effective planning is essential.

Gladstone Morgan can help select the program most suited to individual needs.

You can never start planning too early when it comes to making provision for future education costs which will inevitably arise. The cost of good education is a major expense.

Similarly, your future net disposable income could be significantly diminished by a heavy school fee commitment and you may have to compromise your own financial goals or lifestyle.

Parents should do something towards meeting this impending cost. The longer we put off such decisions the more expensive the solution becomes.
The cost of school fees are rising at alarming rates way above inflation.
Gladstone Morgan advisers can meet you and help parents to realize the extent of outlay needed to cover University or College fees.
If you would like an example of this, we have provided an Online Education Fee calculator that will enable you to see just how much it would cost you for just one (or more) of your children to go to University.